About that wedding…

Yes, it’s a good thing no one reads Lily June or they would be sorely disappointed at the two months of silence.  I was, of course, doing very important things like being unemployed and trying to find a job.  Let’s get back on track with the wedding and project number one.  A life-size cut-out of the bride and groom which turned out to be a big hit.  In the beginning stages of wedding planning I found the secret world of wedding blogs and began to look to them for some inspiration.  I can’t remember where I found it, but on one site I came across a bride and groom who made a life-size cut out of themselves for a photo booth at their reception.

Chris loved it as much as I did and so we decided that we must have one.  One year later with some help from the best man and his wife, we had this. 

Which led to these.


Here’s how we did it.  The groom and I did not want to see each other before the wedding, so two days before, we dressed up in our wedding finery and had his parents take a picture  of each of us.  It was then my job, as he was not allowed to see me in my dress, to use the magic of Photoshop to smoosh our two photos together.  (yes, smoosh is the technical term)  I opened up each photo in Photoshop, deleted the backgrounds, and combined the two images.  We then took a trip to the magical sign and banner department of FedEx Kinko’s where, after a few frustrating attempts to reduce my file size, we had a life-size print out.  The day before the wedding, Chris ran out to get some foam core, cutting materials, and spray mount.  He dropped everything off at the best man’s hotel room and a little while later, we were ready for our close up.  The quality actually turned out better than expected.  When paired with a camera, remote, and chalkboard, hilarity ensued. 


Wouldn’t these photos be great in flip book form?  I highly encourage you to steal this idea for your next big party.   

(all photos, unless otherwise noted, are copyright Brian James Photography)


One Comment to “About that wedding…”

  1. LJSG, I love this idea! I, too, am getting married soon. I also work on a corporate blog and would like to contact you to talk about sharing your idea. Is there a way we can connect? Thanks!

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