Paperpaloza Part 2

For our main invitation, we took inspiration form the beautiful Cox Arboretum. We really liked the romantic image of our names carved in a heart, onto a tree. (the image, not the actual carving into a tree) I wanted everything to look pulled together and so we decided to use individual inserts to organize all of the various pieces of information. Check out our monogram on the belly band.

That tree is actually an AutoCAD block that Chris modified in Illustrator. In fact, all of the drawings on each of our inserts were done in AutoCAD then brought into Illustrator for the final product.

For the address label, I modified a free template from the Martha Stewart Weddings website to create the design for our wrap-around label. The finishing touch was the love stamp. Thank you USPS for introducing a card themed stamp just in time to use for our wedding correspondence.

Remember when I said I wanted our paper products to tell a story? Well, when it came the program, we took that literally. The front of the program features a brief summery of how Chris and I met and came to be getting married that day. It also had the added bonus of giving our guests something to read while waiting for the ceremony begin.

Wedding favors. We kept going back and forth on the whole wedding favor issue. One the one hand, favors are a nice way to thank your guests for coming. On the other hand, they cost money that we didn’t really have. While walking through an antique store one day I came across some vintage seed packets (we got a great deal) and inspiration struck. We scanned in the seed packets and under the name of the flower, added the name of a guest. We then wrote a personal message on the back, printed them out, and folded them up. We filled each packet with flower seeds from a giant box we got at Home Depot. Now we had favors that also doubled as escort cards. We were able to carry on the theme of the arboretum while adding a personal touch. Bonus, the seed packets said Dallas, Texas on them, so we were able to honor our now home in Texas while getting married in our home state of Ohio.


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