There is this magical place located in Dayton, Ohio called Flowerman. At this place you can go meet with a floral consultant who has books and books of flowers. This consultant will help you pick out all the flowers for your occasion and make sure they are ordered for you. When the flowers arrive, a team of flower faeries will assemble them all per your specifications, or you and your team of wedding helpers can go to their workroom and assemble them yourself. All for a fraction of the cost of a normal florist. Can you guess which option we chose?

(photo by Tom)

My wedding helpers and I spent the morning before the wedding putting together all the bouquets, corsages, and centerpieces. All of the flowers were beautiful and the Flowerman flower faeries were there to teach us how to make everything. It was a fun relaxing way to spend the morning.

There were two bridesmaids in the wedding party who got the vibrant yellow bouquets pictured above. We decided to let the six men in the wedding party go flowerless and instead gave them each a very manly ribbon swirl. (I found all of the instructions in the 2009 summer edition of Martha Stewart Weddings.)

And that, is how we put together a wedding of beautiful flowers (and ribbons).

(all photos, unless otherwise noted are copyright Brian James Photography)


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