Terrarium Bonanza

It seems as though terrariums are all the rage lately and are popping up all over the web. They all look so pretty. I feel like if I had a terrarium it would end up a soggy mess of condensed water and rotting plants. There must be some kind of secret water to plant ratio.

My personal favorite is featured as a how-to article on The Hipster Home: a tiny terrarium in a light bulb. There is something about the juxtaposition of the industrial light bulb with the natural elements that I love. Plus, this article makes it look like I could actually make this and maybe even succeed in keeping it alive. This particular terrarium is made by Julie over at Tiny Terra. I think I may have to give it a try.

photo via The Hipster Home

These next two terrariums were featured on Design Sponge in February. The first from VivaTerra is 14 inches high. I think I would like to have it in my kitchen and surround it with real pears.

Litill, located in the pacific northwest, creates these lux terrariums in their hand blown glass vessels. Beautiful pieces of living art.

photo of Litill terrariums via Design Sponge

The terrarium trend is also showing up in jewelry. Check out these pendants I found on Etsy. Seller WarmCountryMeadows makes teeny tiny terrariums in 2″ long glass vials that you could wear around your neck. I should think it would make you feel like a woodland sprite.


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