Pandas Are Cute!

Chris and I are going to birthday party for our friend’s one year old this weekend. The invitation says “no presents please.” Does anyone ever pay attention to this? I never do. I love giving presents!  So I thought about it for a while and decided to make a stuffed panda bear.

I turned to my book Baby Stuff by Aranzi Aronzo, to find a pattern I then modified and added to.  (I highly recommend this book.  It is full of cute patterns for babies.)

I used 100% bamboo felt which is some of the softest felt I’ve found. For the first bear, I followed the pattern pretty closely and created the head and body as separate pieces. After they were completed, I sewed them together.

This worked out okay, however, I definitely had some trouble stitching the two pieces together cleanly and because they were originally two pieces, the head flops over when you hold it up.

I was not happy with either of these issues so I gave it another try. This time I redrew the pattern so that the head and body were one piece. I completed the rest of the pattern as stated in the book, adding the eye patches and the black stripe across the torso.

I even stitched a little red heart onto it’s back.

While the next time I will probably make his body a little rounder, I think this panda turned out pretty well.

This project was actually surprisingly easy.  I’m so excited to give this to Scoot for his birthday!


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