A Baby Quilt

A few things have happened since the last post. I’ve sewed some things (a quilt, some bags, …) and found a job for the month of April. So that is where I have been all this time, making things and working in the real world.

Anywho. Some friends of ours, one of which also went the University of Cincinnati, are having a baby in May. Like everyone else we know, they are having a little boy so Chris and I decided to make them a UC themed crib quilt.

We started looking for red, black and white fabric and found this fat quarter bundle from Robert Kaufman called Mingle. It was perfect. The newspaper color way contained 10 pieces of fabric, all of the red black and white variety.

We took out the grays and added a few solids so we had this.

I was going to make a simple 9 patch but Chris had the idea of adding a C-Paw on top.  So, to make a background, I cut all of the fabric into 96 5.5″x5.5″ squares and sewed them together.  It actually didn’t take too long.  I would pick out sixteen random squares and sew them together two at a time.  When I had eight pairs, I sewed them into rows of four, then into two rows of eight.  Here is everything laid out on the floor.

Chris made a template that I used to cut the C-Paw out of red fabric.  I turned under the raw edges and appliqued it on top of the background. I also attempted my first solo French binding after consulting various online resources and calling my mom twice.  (Thanks Mom!)  I only had to rip it off and start over once. I did have to perform a little trickery with my needle and thread once everything was done, but I think it turned out just fine.


3 Comments to “A Baby Quilt”

  1. Totally just stumbled upon your blog but I love this fabric. I went to Tech. I’m hoping to start making quilts soon. I’m just getting into sewing though. Love the blog.

  2. I love this quilt! Great job! Before to long I am going to try my very first quilt. So, any pointers you can give me would be great. May be I should start with a very simple quilt but, not sure what that might be.
    I went to images then google and came across your blog and I love it! Thanks for sharing.

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