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May 31, 2010

We All Sew

I’m back to share another great sewing resource with you.  We All Sew gathers together sewing blogs, patterns, and projects from around the web and puts them all in one convenient place.  They even categorize everything to make it easy to find.  My favorite: a sew to serve page that lists over 50 ways that your sewing can make a difference.  They also feature a free stuff section that links to free projects and patterns around the web.  Need a pattern for a baby bib?  They have one right here.  Want to make yourself an apron and a matching one for your daughter?  They have a link to that too.  We All Sew really is a great way to discover new blogs and resources.  I just discovered Pretty Ditty while writing this post.  The best part about We All Sew?  They are featuring my twitter stream on their website all week-long.  Swing by, check it out, and find your next project.  Let me know what you think. 

May 11, 2010


One of my favorite websites to look to for tutorials and basic sewing techniques is Sew4Home.  Sew4Home began in early 2009 and now provides daily projects that are easy to follow and make at home.

I recently tried their pattern for an insulated shopping bag.  They provide step-by-step instructions, including photographs that make it super easy to follow along.  Instead of making mine insulated, I just used fusible felt, but followed the rest of the tutorial exactly.  Here is what I ended up with.  Not bad too shabby.


They also have some great basic technique posts about things like hidden zippers and button holes.  I’ve been thinking about trying this sewing machine cover for a while now.  One day…

Until then go visit Sew4home and look around.  Do it now!