I Love Stripes

I have been bitten by the striped bug.  I must confess that this happened a while ago but the affliction only seems to be getting worse.  It started with a yellow and cream striped shirt.  I bought it because it was on super sale, I had no idea that I loved stripes.  Turns out that I do.  That shirt led to a purple and white sweater, that sweater led to a navy and white purse…  I especially love stripes if navy blue and white are involved.

I saw the new fabric collection from Designers Guild at work last week (there were lots of stripes) and immediately wanted to make a striped quilt, specifically using solid fabrics to create the look of a printed stripe.  Really, I’ve been thinking of something like this.


  Not only does this require me to cut many, many strips of fabric, but it requires me to cut them straight, a feat that is not easily accomplished in my teeny tiny apartment with my teeny tiny cutting mat. So I will add this quilt to my list, you know, the one that has my yet to be started Dresden quilt on it and a few other things that I haven’t even talked about yet.  Who knows what hilarity will ensue.  I will keep you updated.


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