Anatomy of a Project: ScottBot

This beautiful bamboo felt I bought last weekend…

…is on it’s way to becoming a robot. 

Remember last year around this time when I made a panda


Well, it’s that time again and that special little boy is turning two this year.  I’ve been seeing a lot of robots around the internet lately and thought a plush robot would be a perfect gift.  (We all know I am partial to robots.) 

I also thought this would be a good time to share exactly how I go about making things.  My Weekender bag is one of the few things I’ve made from an actual pattern.  The quilts I make usually start as an idea in my head and go from there.  Even that panda from last year was based on a bear pattern that I modified and then added to. This robot is the same way.  I don’t have a pattern just an idea.     

So where did that idea come from?  Well, after I decided that I wanted to make a robot, I looked around for some good robot inspiration.  Go to flickr and search for plush robot and you will find images abound.  The same with Google image search.  So Googled and searched and Flickred and then came this.

Lots of drawings of lots of little robots.  After contemplating how I was actually going to construct and if I wanted to add additional thickness to the robot I’ve chosen this little guy to become my ScottBot.

The next step?  Lots of math. Awesome.


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