Anatomy of a Project: ScottBot Part 2

Guess what?  Math IS awesome.  Have I lost my mind, you ask?  No.  I think math is awesome because I don’t have to do any!  I happen to spend my real life working everyday in AutoCAD.  Aside from drawing construction details, it’s also a fantastic program for planning out sewing projects. 
Once I have my little sketch


 I just re-draw that image in AutoCAD.  This sounds complicated but for something like this robot it took all of about 6 minutes until I had this simple drawing.


 The best part is the handy little dimension tool that figures out exactly how big everything is. I can measure down the 32nd if I wanted to (but I don’t). 


This is also great for figuring out complicated quilt blocks or exactly how much fabric I’ll need for a project. 
If I’m working on something really complicated or with a limited amount of material (like one square of bamboo felt) I’ll make a cutting template.  I measure the size of my material, in this case 20” x 22” and then lay out the size of each piece already dimensioned with my dimension tool.  And another awesome feature that makes AutoCAD ideal for sewing projects?  It’s the offset tool.  I can decide my seam allowance, here it’s ¼” and offset all my pieces to include the finished cutting size.  I’ll end up with something like this.


If I’m feeling especially fancy (always) or I just want to get a better idea of how something will turn out I’ll make a PDF of the line drawing for a little Photoshop magic.  For example, this is how I plan my ScottBot to turn out.


We’ll see what happens.


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