Anatomy of a Project:The ScottBot is Done!

Look what’s finally finished.


He didn’t turn out exactly like my drawing, but I think he’s pretty darn cute.  Look at those spindly little legs!  Had I a chance to do it all over again, I would probably reduce the proportion of the ScottBot body to the ScottBot head.  He ended up a little larger and more square than I was expecting but I am happy.

When I first went to piece the ScottBot together I realized he didn’t have a face!  So I cut some gray felt circles and stitched him some eyes and a mouth.  Much better.


Putting him together in three dimensions was actually easier than I thought.  I remembered seeing this tutorial by Brett Bara over at Design*Sponge on how to cover an ottoman and thought it was appropriate.  I followed those directions to get effortless square corners.  It actually worked.  But first I sewed and stuffed the limbs and attached them to the appropriate felt squares. 


Then I sewed all of the side pieces together for the head.  Next came the bottom and top. 


I left two sides open at the top of the head in order to stuff him and attach it to his body.  I used the same process to put together the body.


When it came time to attach the head to the body, I marked the center of the bottom of the head and the center of the top of the body.  Then, I very awkwardly hand stitched around the perimeter of the head.  It didn’t look very pretty but it seemed to work.  On to the stuffing.  I stuffed him with normal polyfil and then hand stitched up his open seems.  He looked a bit bulbous for my liking, not quite robot enough.  Here I took a cue from LittleBrownByrd (and her seriously cute robots) on Etsy and used a simple running stitch to square up his seams. 


And here he is.  Ready to love you. Beep boop boop beep.


One Comment to “Anatomy of a Project:The ScottBot is Done!”

  1. and doesn’t he look wonderful on the nice grey couch!

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