A Rainbow of Stitches


photo by honeysuccle via flickr

 Does two sightings a trend make? I’m not sure, but I’m going to write about it anyway. I first saw a photo of the most beautiful quilt posted by Shannon at Aunty Cookie I’m sure she’s not the first to take colored thread to white fabric but isn’t it lovely. Rows and rows of colorful stitching beautifully set off by snowy white fabric…such a great way to play. I think this would be perfect large-scale as a bed quilt or small-scale as framed art.

Sighting number two happened at Anna Maria Horner’s blog where she hand stitched this beautiful pillow. The possibilities with this technique are endless people and sure to be stunning! I’m thinking a white pillow covered in inches would be perfect. Perfect! I am, of course, adding it to my List for Doing for the quarter. You know, because I just crossed one thing off the list I have to put another one on, never-ending style.


One Comment to “A Rainbow of Stitches”

  1. What scrumptious colours. Dessert anyone?

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