What’s in Your Sewing basket?

In the spirit of “What’s in Your Bag” I ask you, “What’s in Your Sewing Basket?” 

My current sewing ‘basket’ started as a basic sewing kit from IKEA that was purchased in a college readying spree. 


While most of the original contents have moved on, I still use the plastic box to keep all my supplies in one place. 

My sewing box contains:

-1 pair of Martha Stewart Craft scissors given to me by my mom.  These are my go to fabric scissors.

-1 pair of Honey Bee scissors also given to me by mom

-1 opened package of class 15J bobbins. These don’t fit in my machine. I bought them almost a year ago because I thought they would and they have been in my sewing box ever since.

-1 box of Dirtz yellow topped quilting pins. I bought these after I was tired of the pins that came with the IKEA sewing kit bending and never being long enough. I love them and their plastic box.

-4 left over IKEA pins

-2 packages of assorted needles

-1 giant embroidery needle

-6 needles fallen out of their package

-7 medium-sized safety pins

-3 large safety pins

-1 package large opening clasps (for wristlets)

-1 white marking pencil

-1 .005 Micron Pigma pen

-1 fine tip air erasable marking pen in purple

-1 fine point Uni-ball pen in blue

-1 Prismacolor pencil in 90% warm gray

-1 Fiskars rotary cutter

-Red embroidery floss #321

-1 package of 3 black buttons. I don’t remember why I bought them.

-1 package of 3 gray buttons. I can’t remember why I bought these either.

-1 tiny bag full of beads from a fancy dress

-1 seam ripper

-1 spool Sulky bobbin thread in black

-1 package of snaps unopened

-1 miscellaneous metal piece, it may be for grommets

-1 list of projects to make and to write about

-1 X-acto knife

-6 bobbins threaded in white, black, gray, orange, red, and white again

-1 zipper foot

-1 miscellaneous clasp

-1 unidentifiable black plastic piece

-2 broken sewing machine needles

-2 in tact sewing machine needles

-1 small scrap of blue and black stripped fabric

Whew! I had no idea that little box could hold so much. So now I ask you, “What’s in your sewing basket?”  Let me know.  You blog it and I’ll add a link in my sidebar. Good? Good.


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