Bath Time Duck

My apologies for the photo. It was taken on my phone quite some time ago.

In need of a last-minute Easter project? May I suggest this duck from Martha Stewart?  This is a super easy project that comes together in no time.  All you need is 1 wash cloth.  I printed out the template from the website, bought my wash cloth at Target and got to work.  The pattern calls for the duck to be stuffed with sponge.  I originally made this duck for a baby shower and had a hard time finding organic sponges that didn’t come prepackaged with chemicals, so I just stuffed Mr. Duckie with scraps of the wash cloth.  Stitch on some eyes and a piece of felt for a beak and you have something that the Easter Bunny will love.  Pared with some baby soap and shampoo it also makes a really cute baby shower gift. 


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