Anatomy of a Project: A Baby Quilt and Pattern Choosing


The thing about my baby quilts is that I always start them very shortly before I need to finish them.  I don’t give myself much time; it’s more exciting that way.  It’s also the reason why the most complicated thing you have seen me put on a quilt is the Cincinnati C-Paw.  Ironically enough this next quilt doesn’t need to be done until July and I’ve chosen an extremely simple pattern: the strip quilt.  You may recall from here that I fell in love with this quilt style after seeing it over at Film in the Fridge and immediately put it on my ‘List for Doing.’ 

What makes this style perfect for a baby quilt, besides the ease at which it goes together, is the amount of fabric you can showcase.  Baby quilts are the perfect arena for lots of cute prints and colors.  The strip quilt shows them off perfectly.  It’ also extremely flexible so if I have one print or color I like more than the others, I can cut a bigger strip of it or repeat the strip as many times as I want.

I like my baby quilts to be anywhere from 45” x 45”, the perfect lay on the floor to play quilt, to 45” x 65”, the perfect cover up while sitting on mom’s lap and reading a story book quilt.  Since, with this particular style, I’m limited by the width of the fabric, I’m aiming for around 40″ x 40″.  Lets begin, shall we?  


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