Anatomy of a Project: A Baby Quilt and Fabric Choosing


So, I’ve decided to make this cute, little, yet-to-be-born baby a strip quilt and now I must decided what to use for fabric.  This process is complicated by the fact that I don’t know if the cute, little, yet-to-be-born baby is a boy or girl.  The parents want to be surprised.  I know the mom carries around an envelope in her purse that would give me all my answers; but no one is allowed to look.  Alas, I went to the fabric store with the task of putting together a gender neutral quilt scheme.  For this particular quilt I knew I needed a wide variety of patterns and solids.  I also don’t want this quilt to scream “BABY!” so, as hard as it was, I stayed away from the elephants holding the flags.  I could not, however, stay away from these bunnies.  I figure I’m pretty safe with the yellow, turquoise, and gray theme.  After I picked up the bunny fabric, I started to build a scheme featuring various shades of yellow and turquoise.  I added the gray to make it less “BABY!” and also pulled in a beautiful plumby red-color.  It might be a little bit more ‘boy’ than ‘girl’ but I think it’s just cute.  Plus I wouldn’t mind having a quilt with these fabrics sitting on my sofa so I think I’m safe on the “BABY!” front. I AM EXCITED FOR THIS QUILT! 


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