Anatomy of a Project: Strip Quilt Back

In searching for some fabric with which to back this quilt, I found this. 

At first I was concerned with using a fabric that I hadn’t used in the front but then I thought that the stripes would go perfectly and it would add a little interested.  I bought two yards with the intention of using one solid piece as the back.  No fancy stuff here.  Then, to my horror, I realized that using this fabric in the direction it came off the bolt would mean the stripes on the back would be running perpendicular to the stripes on the front and also to the quilting that I had planed.  No bueno.  And so I knew I had to railroad the fabric.
Railroading the fabric also meant that there would be at least one seam in the back which I’m sure would have looked fine but which I found unacceptable.  So I thought about it and stared at the front a while contemplating various approaches to backs of quilts. (links here) 
When I purchased the Soleil for the back, I also purchased some gray for the binding.  I was thinking about this when inspiration struck.  There are three small gray stripes on the front.  If I also put three small gray stripes on the back, all will be well and I’ll have the Soleil back with gray stripes running from front to back.  And it would have been perfect had I measured twice and cut once.  Alas, I measured once and cut once which meant that I cut one strip of Soleil 1” too long and didn’t have enough to finish the whole back.  (While 2 yards sounds like a lot of fabric, my quilt is roughly 42” wide which means I only had the width of the Soleil to work with.)  So I looked back in my scraps and saw I had some bunnies left over.  The bunnies will save me! And they did as I added a strip to the back leaving me with a 2” overlap with the top on the bottom of the quilt and about an 1/8” overlap on the top.  And after writing this out it I’m not really quite sure how that happened but it did.  And it’s done.  And the stripes almost lined up perfectly and so I’m happy.



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