To Make You More Awesome

photo by Chris Sommers

I want to make it clear, I am in no way doubting your awesomeness. However, should you wish to be more awesome, here are three places to start.

Put This On
has turned me into a menswear enthusiast, if that’s possible.  If only I could find the female equivalent of this blog I’d be a happy lady.  You should definitely check out their episode on personal style…they go to a corduroy convention!

Matchbook Magazine
is a free online magazine billed as a field guide to a charmed life and in of itself is quite charming.  It’s also made me realize how badly I want a Burberry trench coat.

How to Write a Thank You Note
In case you have lost your Emily Post, you will need this in order to thank other people for THEIR awesomeness.

And go.


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