Progress Report: New Wave Quilt

This New Wave has a lot of cutting involved.  A lot.  It’s clearly evident in my stack of 72 trapezoids.  That’s 4-6 cuts per piece.  That’s 288-432 cuts and that doesn’t even include the sashing (we are getting all mathy up in here lately).  Of course, I didn’t actually make all 432 cuts.  I did get smart and cut many pieces at once.  Still.  It’s taken days, but  they are very pretty.  I’m eager to see how this one comes together; there is something very charming about those whales and pinwheels.
When I first saw a photo of the New Wave quilt you know what I thought?  “Gee that sure looks pretty.”  You know what I should have thought? “Gee look at all those pieces.”


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