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November 2, 2011



I have a confession to make.  I am in possession of some seriously beautiful fabric that I have no idea what to do with.  This is not a recent thing, I’ve had this fabric for years and am afraid to cut into it. What if I make a wrong cut and ruin it!!!

It all started here in 2006 when I spotted some fabric that I had to own.  Wouldn’t you know, mom made that dream come true. (Just like with the thimbles!  She is like a magical fairy princess!)  So, since the winter of 2006 I have had in my possession yards of this fabric.  I’ve
thought about making it into a duvet cover, table runner with matching napkins, or sofa pillows.  I could frame it and hang it on the wall or upholster a side chair in it.  Guess what, I can’t decide. Someone must help before a few more years go by and I will have had this fabric for a decade.  I welcome your suggestions.

Fabric by Mairo