The Elevated Envelope

I know I’ve talked about the Elevated Envelope swap once or twice before, check out Ephemera Press for more details (and to sign up for the next round!).  Well, the deadline for postmark was May 1st so I can finally share what I’ve done.  I chose love notes for my theme because aren’t love notes really the best kind of notes?  I think so.

Elevated Envelope 1

Elevated Envelope 2

I started by putting plain resume paper through my sewing machine using an assortment of decorative stitches.  I thought it looked nice and lacy.  I used 4 colored threads to create a gradient in the stitches with the color palates inspired by the super awesome American scientists stamps. I ended up using the William H. Johnson stamps though because I think they are more lovey.  The envelopes were lined with brown craft paper for more stability and filled with some goodies to help other people share the love.

Elevated Envelope 3

I included the following: a teeny tiny envelope filled with 2 bonsai stamps and 1 postcard stamp, a family recipe for some delicious chocolate heart cookies, a note from me on an awesome Texas themed postcard, and a blank postcard to spread the love.

Elevated Envelope 4

Everything was packaged away and promptly mailed on May 1st.  I hope the recipients like their envelopes!

Elevated Envelope 5

Elevated Envelope 6

I was left with a craft table (dining table) that looked like this. Looks like fun, doesn’t it?  Go sign up for the next round! Group lists are being mailed out June 1st.  I will see you there!
Elevated Envelope 7


4 Comments to “The Elevated Envelope”

  1. These are stunning!

  2. I’ve done the last two rounds and absolutely loved being part of it
    Waiting for the July letters to roll in now!!
    Beautiful work

  3. How do you affix the craft paper to the sewn white paper? Is it done before you do the stitching on the white paper?

    • Joan, I simply glued the craft paper to the white paper. I did it after stitching on the white paper so the craft paper would hide all the threads on the inside. Thanks for checking out my blog!

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