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September 5, 2012

Elevated Envelope: Incoming Mail

The latest round of The Elevated Envelope went out last month, and I have since received 3 great envelopes from around the world.

The theme was sweet and I received this super cute envelope from Freya in California. Freya blogs at here and pretty much everything she produces is super cute, I especially love her bunny stamp.  Her blog is chock full of inspiring mail and packages.  We should all send more mail!

EE Incoming Sweet 3
EE Incoming Sweet 4

The second envelope I received is from Emma in the UK.  She made this entire envelope from sewing together cupcake papers.  Brilliant! Emma is a jewelry designer and she has the most amazing floral inspired jewelry.

EE Incoming Sweet 6

The last envelope came from Elena in Canada, probably my favorite yet!  Her envelope is beautiful in its simplicity.  Check out that beautiful handwriting and those stamps.  Stamps from other countries always seem so exotic.  The envelope was made extra fancy by the use of a wax stamp. Receiving it made me feel like I was a character in a Jane Austin novel. Inside were a few things that constitute Elena’s sweet summer.  So perfect.

EE Incoming Sweet 1
EE Incoming Sweet 2

Making friends through the mail is the best.